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    The Old Courthouse Cladach Brodick Isle of Arran

Bring magic into your home with our Faerie Door kits. These wonderfully detailed kits contain everything you will need to make your own individual door. Our range includes “The Ice Faerie”, “Owl Branch” and “Shell Cottage”.

We developed a method for making realistic model fairy doors covering a specially designed MDF kit with exclusive papers depicting the beautiful sites in Arran and Yorkshire. Following experimentation with drying local flowers and leaves, we then added “Natural Sprinkle” and together with specially selected beads and charms to add details such as doorknobs and house signs, we put all of this in an easy-to-build kit so you can have one too!

Our shop in the picturesque hamlet of Cladach also stocks a curious range of Arran-themed gifts, souvenirs, and clothing.


Restrictions permitting Summer season Mon to Sun 10:00 to 16:00


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